Patrick Brown: The Man with no plan

Brown Fails To Recognize Structural Change In Fair Hydro Plan


Patrick Brown claimed: “It’s short term fixes and they’re not looking at the structural problems”

Fact: Our plan to reduce electricity bills by 25% for everyone is a significant structural change that represents a fair solution to an issue that’s been unfairly placed on one generation.This is not a temporary solution, and it does not sacrifice investments in the energy system.  We’re changing the way electricity costs are recovered, and moving funding for assistance programs off of hydro bills. This plan is the biggest rate reduction in Ontario’s history.

Brown’s Biggest Idea To Reduce Energy Rates Doesn’t Reduce Energy Rates


Patrick Brown claimed: “We would stop the fire sale of Hydro One immediately if I was Premier tomorrow”

Fact: This is Brown’s biggest idea to reduce energy rates – except it doesn’t reduce energy rates. Energy rates will continue to be set by the independent Ontario Energy Board, who has a mandate to protect ratepayers. (Source:

Brown Claim Off By $2.2 Billion


Patrick Brown claimed: “You look at the Samsung deal; there was an exit clause in that they could’ve gotten out of a billion and a half”

Fact: Premier Wynne renegotiated the contract with Samsung, saving Ontarians $3.7 Billion. (Source:

PC Energy Critic Contradicts PC Leader


Patrick Brown claimed: “My immediate advice to the Premier would be look at the 30 bad contracts”  

Fact: Further to our last point, PC Energy Critic Todd Smith admitted on CFRA yesterday that renegotiating contracts would come at a huge cost to taxpayers and would cause electricity prices to rise. (Source: [4:38]

Patrick Brown Made A Number False Statements About Our Plan To Lower Electricity Bills By 25% On Average For All Residential Customers


Patrick Brown claimed: “I’d still like them to share the contracts… I think it’s quite unfortunate we have a government that is so secretive.”

Fact: Template contracts – all over 100 pages – for the FIT program rounds 1 to 5 are publicly posted. Brown has had almost 2 years as Leader of the PCs to provide his opinion on ‘ripping up’ these contracts, but instead has decided to spread misinformation.