Not One Single Time Has This Fib Been True


Ford Claimed: “We saved the taxpayers over a billion dollars at the City of Toronto, and not one single person got laid off”

Fact: From 2011 to 2012, operating positions at the City of Toronto decreased by 1,411. This includes less positions at the Affordable Housing Office, Toronto Public Health, and Long Term Care Home and Services. (Source:, pg. 46) 

Fact: This has been widely and thoroughly debunked by several news organizations as being untrue.(Source:,,

Bringing Trump North Is Not What People Need


Ford Claimed: “how do you be competitive when look what’s happening down in the United States and I don’t care if the leader is Trump or whoever it is you know, they cut the corporate tax from 36 percent down to 21 percent and all of a sudden… unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 20 years and then you go up to the Ontario border…you can’t compete”

Fact: Ontario’s unemployment rate is at its lowest level in nearly 20 years (Source: Stats Canada)

Hey Ford, Patrick Brown Used To Say This One Too!


Ford Claimed: “You see the highest hydro rates in North America”Fact: As you can see from the below chart, electricity rates in Ontario are much lower than other North American jurisdictions. (Source:

What Sound Do Scissors Make?


Ford Claimed: “We try to attract businesses, when they come to the border, they face red tape and regulations like never seen before”

Fact: Our government won a golden scissors award for cutting red tape and we passed the Burden Reduction Act to save businesses millions of dollars (Source:,

Your Plan Will Take Money Out Of People’s Pockets


Ford Claimed: “they think [a higher minimum wage] is helping the people—the most vulnerable people—it’s not helping the most vulnerable people”

Fact: The independent Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says a $15 minimum wage would mean an extra $1,950 a year before taxes – approximately $1,500 more than they’d get under Ford’s plan. That’s more money in the pockets of our most vulnerable people.(Source:

Lowest Wait Times In The Country Will Be Tough To Beat


Ford Claimed: “So we put a team of some of the top doctors in entire country on our team to be able to deliver great healthcare more efficiently and reduce the wait times in the province”

Fact: Yesterday, the Canadian Institute for Health Information published a new report that found Ontario had the lowest wait times for important procedures in Canada. This confirmed findings already put out by the Fraser Institute and the Wait Times Alliance that see Ontario’s health care system as a leader in the country.(Source:

820,000 Net New Jobs Disagree With You


Ford Claimed: “We’ve seen this Liberal government destroy the economy of this province”

Fact: 820,000 net new jobs have been created in Ontario since the recession, and over 400,000 under Premier Wynne. Ontario led the G7 in economic growth for the past 3 years (Source: Statscan,