Today in his first post-budget media avail, Conservative Leader Doug Ford was angry – making up numbers and attacking reporters throughout. Instead of answering questions directly, he made significant false claims in hopes of getting away with it – he needs to put an end to Ford’s Fake News.

This Is What Responsible Governments Do


Doug Ford claimed: “they’re promising a ton of money for children that aren’t born”

Fact: False. Yes, young children today will benefit from free preschool child care. It will make life more affordable for families and allow parents, particularly women to enter the workforce when they choose.Also – any responsible government plans for future generations, and it’s reckless to suggest otherwise.(Source: )

How About Just Last Week, Mr. Ford


Ford claimed: “I don’t remember Kathleen Wynne ever going into a Toronto Community housing building”

Fact: Just last week, the Premier visited St. James Town, and met with residents who live in Toronto Community Housing.

Not True At All


Ford claimed: “With highest hydro rates in north America”

Fact: As you can see from the below chart, electricity rates in Ontario are much lower than other North American jurisdictions.(Source:

What Sound Does A Bear Make?


Ford claimed: “Come to Ontario and you have more regulations you have seen in your life”

Fact: Minister Brad Duguid recently won the first ever Bear award for cutting red tape.(Source:

We Are At A Two-Decade Low Ourselves


Ford claimed: “US has lowest unemployment in 20 years”Fact: Ontario’s unemployment rate is also at its lowest level in nearly two decades.(Source: Statscan)

Umm, No


Ford claimed: “We saved tax payers over 1 billion”

Fact: This has been widely and thoroughly debunked by several news organizations as being untrue.(Source: , , )

Cuts While You Were At City Hall


Ford claimed: “You were actually down at city hall…and everyone knows in this room not one single person lost their job”

Fact: From 2011 to 2012, operating positions at the City of Toronto decreased by 1,411. This includes fewer positions at the Affordable Housing Office, Toronto Public Health, and Long Term Care Home and Services.(Source:, pg. 46 )

Count ‘Em—800,000 New Jobs Since The Recession


Ford claimed: “Four more years of Kathleen Wynne …driving jobs out of Ontario”

Fact: Over 800,000 new jobs have been created since the recession and Ontario has led the G7 in economic growth for the past 3 years.(Source: 1)

Higher Revenues From Growth


Ford claimed: “New tax hikes to thousands of businesses”

Fact: Just because revenues from Corporate Income Taxes increase doesn’t mean that the rates did. Ontario is seeing strong economic growth which is why these revenues increased. Taxes on businesses have not been raised – in fact in this budget two R&D tax credits are expanding to save businesses even more money.(Source: Ontario Budget 2018)

Fact: In the Fall Economic Statement, we reduced small business tax rate from 4.5% to 3.5% – representing a 22% reduction in the rate for small businesses.(Source: 

Come On Ford, Your Votes At City Hall Are A Matter Of Public Record


Ford claimed: “I’m visiting homes every day that are struggling for child care, I’m passionate about helping people, I’m passionate about helping families that are struggling”

Fact: At Toronto City Hall, Doug Ford voted to cut funding for child care, community grants and youth services. He voted against reducing the wait list for children needing speech training. Ford also slashed 21 jobs in children’s services between 2011 and 2012 among numerous other jobs in emergency medical services, shelter supports, housing and social development.(Source:, )

Wait, What?


Ford claimed: “A family of five will pay, will be paying $1000 more in new taxes”

Fact: This is a ridiculous claim given that children don’t pay tax.  (Source: Ontario Budget 2018) 

Savings For Every Single Taxpayer


Ford claimed: “Massive tax hikes in this budget that will hit 1.8 million people”

Fact: Every single taxpayer will end up ahead after this budget. 83% will see taxes fall or hold steady and everyone will end up benefitting with additional money in their pocket from new programs, including: 

$17,000 in savings per child with free preschool child care

$700 in savings a year in dental and drug coverage for a family of 4,

free pharma-care for children and youth through OHIP+ as well the extension of OHIP+ to everyone over age 65 saving $240

$750 each year for the Seniors’ Healthy Homes tax credit

Providing a public transit tax credit that saves seniors up to $450 a year

Lowering the cost of commuting by about $720 per year for GO/UP and TTC users (Source: Ontario Budget 2018)

We Remember You Saying It Was An Important Discussion To Have


Ford claimed: “I’ve never heard that [abortion] at the door, I’ve been in thousands and thousands of doors, and I’ve, I’ve never heard that question—outside of a CBC reporter trying to get you a ‘gotcha’ question”

Fact: All throughout the Conservative Leadership campaign Doug Ford was repeatedly asked this by multiple media outlets, and at times, proactively talked about restricting abortion access. (Source:, )