Conservative Leader Doug Ford was in Thunder Bay yesterday and on Country 105 radio today where he again made several false and irresponsible claims.  He again refused to talk about how Conservative cuts are forecasted to grow to $10 billion a year under his watch. He again refused to talk about how independent economist Jim Stanford reported that his plan would lead to 75,000 job losses – at a minimum. He refused to talk about the fact that he would fire at least 7,000 teachers, early childhood educators, education assistants and fire thousands of nurses, doctors, and personal support workers.  Doug Ford needs to stick to the facts and put an end to Ford’s Fake News.

Your Platform Begs To Differ


Ford Claimed: “Mental health and addiction, we’re going to pour money in them”

Fact: Our government is making the largest investment in mental health in Canada’s history, an additional $2.1 Billion over the next four years bringing the total investment to $17 Billion. Doug Ford and the Conservatives have said they will vote against these investments. His platform will also include billions of dollars in cuts that will hurt frontline care and put this investment at risk.(Source:

How Low Is This Roof You’re Talking About?


Ford Claimed: “We look at the energy costs right now—through the roof—absolutely through the roof.”

Fact: As you can see from the chart, electricity rates in Ontario are much lower than other North American jurisdictions.

$1500 More Under Our Plan


Ford Claimed: “We’re going to make sure we put money back into the people’s pockets instead of the government’s”

Fact: The independent Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says a $15 minimum wage would mean an extra $1,950 a year before taxes – approximately $1,500 more than they’d get under Ford’s plan.(Source:

Less Staff, More Doctors Over The Past 13 Years


Ford Claimed: “And reallocate the money to the front lines … before the Liberal regime got in there, there was 5 Deputy Ministers … I think there is 24 or 26 [now] … So all the Commanders are taking the money and it’s not funneling down to the front line people.”

Fact: In the past 13 years, the health ministry budget has almost doubled, increasing from about $30 billion to $54 billion in government spending, while the number of Ministry staff has fallen by half. This funding went towards increasing the number of family physicians by 27% or 2800 positions, the number of specialists has increased by 33% or 3,700 positions, and the number of nurses has increased by 30,000, with over 1,200 more in the last year alone. (Source:,, Ministry of Health)

Highest High School Grad Rate In History


Ford Claimed: “—because right now, the education system is broken as well.”

Fact: Ontario’s high school graduation rate is up 18% since we took office – the highest in the province’s history.(Source:

We’ve Been On That Road For A While


Ford Claimed: “This is about everyone uniting together, and turning this province around. Making sure that we get back on track and we go down the road of prosperity.”

Fact: Ontario has led the G7 in economic growth for the past 3 years, and our unemployment rate is at a 17 year low.(Source:

A Blatant Fib


Ford Claimed: “The greatest province in the country—the engine of this province [sic]—is now a have-not province”

Fact: According to the Independent Parliamentary Budget Officer Ontario is a have province, in fact Ontario continues to be a net contributor towards equalization(Source:,

I Wouldn’t Call This “Struggling”


Ford Claimed: “We have lost 300,000 jobs since the Liberals have been in power. 300,000 jobs have left this province. That’s 300,000 jobs, 300,000 people that are struggling, absolutely struggling”

Fact: 820,000 net new jobs have been created in Ontario since the recession, over 400,000 under Premier Wynne. (Source: Statscan)

Long Done


Ford Claimed: “We will make sure we drive efficiencies through proper procurement purchasing, so when we have a ministry – and we have a dozen ministries and agencies talking out our ears, and everyone does their own purchasing, they buy their own cars, they buy their own gas, they buy everything, common sense says you buy everything together.”

Fact: The government already does joint competitive procurement across every ministry through the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.Here are some examples of savings that have already been achieved through this process:

$80M from mobile devices and services,

$14M print services,

$4M for IT security products; and

$3M for laboratory supplies.(Source: Ministry of Government and Consumer Services)

Did You Even Read “The Books”?


Ford Claimed: “She said they’re going to balance the books, she never balanced the books.”

Fact: If Ford took the time to actually read our 2018 Budget, he would have noticed that it is, in fact, balanced. It was also confirmed by Fitch Ratings, National Bank of Canada, independent economist Paul Boothe and the independent Financial Accountability Officer.(Source:,,,