Conservative Leader Doug Ford was in Thunder Bay yesterday and on Country 105 radio today where he again made several false and irresponsible claims.  He again refused to talk about how Conservative cuts are forecasted to grow to $10 billion a year under his watch. He again refused to talk about how independent economist Jim Stanford reported that his plan would … Read more


Today in his first post-budget media avail, Conservative Leader Doug Ford was angry – making up numbers and attacking reporters throughout. Instead of answering questions directly, he made significant false claims in hopes of getting away with it – he needs to put an end to Ford’s Fake News. This Is What Responsible Governments Do … Read more

Patrick Brown: The Man with no plan

Brown Fails To Recognize Structural Change In Fair Hydro Plan 2.3.2017 Patrick Brown claimed: “It’s short term fixes and they’re not looking at the structural problems” Fact: Our plan to reduce electricity bills by 25% for everyone is a significant structural change that represents a fair solution to an issue that’s been unfairly placed on one generation.This … Read more

When it comes to the benefits of closing coal plants in Ontario, Yakabuski loves to mislead

It wasn’t a surprise to see Conservative MPP John Yakabuski come out swinging in support of a new report from fellow right-wing thinkers at the Fraser Institute. The report, co-authored by climate change denier Ross McKitrick, makes false claims that have previously been debunked by a wide range of experts, including the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Ontario Medical Association, Asthma … Read more


Not One Single Time Has This Fib Been True 12.4.2018 Ford Claimed: “We saved the taxpayers over a billion dollars at the City of Toronto, and not one single person got laid off” Fact: From 2011 to 2012, operating positions at the City of Toronto decreased by 1,411. This includes less positions at the Affordable Housing Office, Toronto … Read more