Patrick Brown Canadian Press Interview - October 11, 2017

Facts Still Matter in Ontario – October 11, 2017

  • Earlier today, Patrick Brown sat down with the Canadian Press to spread outrageous misinformation about his record as a sitting federal MP and hide his socially conservative views. Facts Still Matter in Ontario, and Brown needs to understand that he can’t rewrite history as much as he would love to.

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    The vast majority of Ontarians prefer not to be misled.

    Patrick Brown Claimed: “Brown says he has boosted party membership…and believes the vast majority are on board with socially progressive policies.”

    Fact: Brown was also backed by Christian evangelicals and the Campaign Life Coalition because he voted to bring in new laws on abortion and revisit the legalization of gay marriage. He pandered shamelessly to opponents of the sex education curriculum, securing the support of social conservatives. (Source: Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star, May 9, 2015)

    Fact: Here’s some quotes from one of the supporters who got him elected as leader:

    “Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) is pleased to congratulate Patrick Brown on being elected leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Thousands of CLC supporters signed up to vote in the PC leadership race. The pro-life and pro-family vote is a significant block in Patrick Brown's winning coalition and will continue to be active within the party.” (Source: Campaign Life Coalition Press Release, May 9, 2015)


    Mr. Fonseca says that, during the PC leadership race, Mr. Brown sought his endorsement by pointing to his anti-abortion voting record when he was a federal MP. In 2012, Mr. Brown voted in favour of a motion in the House of Commons to re-open the nation's abortion debate by ordering a study on when life begins. Motion 312 was defeated, with many prominent Conservatives, including then-prime minister Stephen Harper, voting against it.

    "He said to me 'Look at my voting record. That's who I am.' He has a 100-per-cent pro-life voting record in the House of Commons," Mr. Fonseca said in an interview. "So we endorsed him."  (The Globe and Mail, September 22, 2016)

    Fact: Let’s not forget the checklist that the CLC used to promote Patrick Brown to other members considering who to vote for as Leader:

    “Although Patrick told the media he would not change the provincial status quo on abortion, he subsequently clarified to CLC leaders that he would not put forward any government bills, but neither would he stand in the way of any pro-life related private members bill.” (Ontario PC Leadership Endorsement by CLC, January 29, 2015)

  • A real leader tells the truth.

    Patrick Brown Claimed: “I was a backbench member of a broader team…now that I'm the leader of the party I can much (more) clearly speak from my own heart”

    Fact: Five years ago Patrick Brown voted in favour of a motion (Motion 312) to reopen the abortion debate and limit a woman’s right to choose. He also voted against former PM Stephen Harper in this free vote:

    “MPs are privately being reminded that support for fellow Conservative Stephen Woodworth's motion would be considered a vote against Mr. Harper's wishes. Word being spread in the Commons lobby recently by senior Tories – not the PMO – went even further, saying a vote for Mr. Woodworth's motion is a vote against Mr. Harper.” (The Globe and Mail, June 6, 2012)

    Fact: Even his own local newspaper, the Barrie Examiner, quoted the situation as such: “Although it was an open vote — meaning members didn’t have to vote along party lines — many local Conservatives did vote in favour of opening up the debate to determine when life begins. “This never gets talked about,” said Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who voted in favour of the motion.  (Source: The Barrie Examiner, September 29, 2012)

    Fact: Motion 312 was described by the Canadian Medical Association as a "backdoor path to enacting restrictions on abortion." (The Globe and Mail, August 15, 2012)

    Fact: Brown’s support of Motion 312 meant so much to Stephen Woodworth that he cited it as one of the reasons why he supported Patrick Brown in the PC Leadership Race:

    “In 2012, Patrick voted for my human rights motion, M-312, asking for Parliament to study the declaration in the Criminal Code of Canada that a child only becomes a human being at the moment of complete birth… There was tremendous pressure on Patrick to oppose M-312, but Patrick never waivered in his support. It is refreshing to encounter a leader with the courage of his convictions.” (Statement by Stephen Woodworth, May 1, 2015)