Patrick Brown on AM 570 - December 19

No signal, all noise--Patrick Brown on the radio

  • Patrick Brown went on AM 570 and once again misled the public about basic and indisputable facts.

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    Michigan and Pennsylvania and Ohio! Oh my!

    Patrick Brown said: “and the giant surplus that we, we’re shipping out to Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio on a regular basis”

    Fact: Considering the net benefit to Ontario ratepayers, it’s curious as to why Patrick Brown continues to rail against this practice. Even his Conservative colleagues know better. When the Member for Simcoe-Grey was Energy Minister in 2001, he called these exports “pure profit.” He even went further, noting that “if we can make money on surplus power in the United States, we’re damn well going to do that.”

    The last time the provincial Conservatives were in power, they spent $900 million importing electricity over two years just to keep the lights on. When we came into office, we inherited their dirty, unreliable electricity system and cleaned it up. Now, thanks to those necessary investments, Ontario families and businesses know the lights will go on and stay on when they need them to. Given our position of strength, Ontario is also a net exporter now, benefitting ratepayers to the tune of $230 million last year (as estimated by the Independent Electricity System Operator).

  • Sure, steal his slogans

    Patrick Brown said: “Donald Trump isn’t making America great right now Kathleen Wynne is making America great”


    Fact: If we look at employment growth since 2009, Ontario has seen growth of (9.4%), with Michigan (8.8%), Pennsylvania (6.6%) and New York (2.4%) all trailing behind.

    (Source: Statistics Canada, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics and Ontario Ministry of Finance).

  • You know newspapers keep track of this stuff, right?

    Patrick Brown said: “I think the way that they’re doing it right now is foolish because we’re selling shares at rock bottom prices”

    Fact: The initial Hydro One IPO sold 9 million more shares than initially forecasted, traded $2 more per share, and raised $167 million more revenue for infrastructure investment than initially forecasted.

  • Nth time's a charm...

    Patrick Brown said: “In terms of OEB we all know the OEB’s appointed by the province never turns down a rate increase”


    2016 - OEB announces they will be holding the line on rates this winter.

    2015 - OEB decreased rates by $100-168 for Enbridge and Union customers.

    2014 - OPG asked for a rate increase and the OEB approved about half the requested amount

    2012 - Hydro One asked for a rate increase for transmission, but the OEB ordered a 3% reduction for its capital request

    2011 - OPG applied for a 6.2% rate increase and the OEB denied the request and lowered rates by 0.8%. 

    2011 - Toronto Hydro made a distribution request to the OEB and received 10.8% less than requested

    2010 - Hydro One asked for a rate increase for distribution but the OEB ordered a 9% reduction for its capital request

  • Let's guess--Stephen Harper made you do it?

    Patrick Brown said: “I don’t view organized labour as [an] adversary”

    Fact: Patrick Brown voted in favour of Federal Bills C-377 & C-525. This is right to work legislation specifically designed to make unionization harder/destroy unions. 

    (Source: Open Parliament)

  • What else should schools teach or not teach, Mr. Brown?

    Patrick Brown said: “We’re not teaching young people enough when it comes to data analytics, deep programming, AI”

    Fact: C’mon Patrick?! 

  • You'd think a hockey player would know the street rules about cherry picking

    Patrick Brown said: “Our credit has been downgraded”

    Fact: Moody’s upgraded Ontario’s credit outlook. The other major rating agencies affirmed Ontario’s credit rating this year.

    (Source: CBC, OFINA)

  • Brown gets tangled up in 'red tape' mistruths

    Patrick Brown said: “We have the most red tape in North America”

    Fact: In their latest report on red tape reduction the Canadian Federation of Independent Business raised Ontario’s grade from a B to a B+. Very few provinces saw an increase in their grade and this increase makes Ontario a nationwide leader.

    (Source: CFIB)

    Fact: The CFIB also nominated Minister Duguid for their 2016 Golden Scissors award for his efforts in cutting red tape. According to Plamen Petkov, CFIB’s Ontario Vice President “Minister Duguid’s nomination reflects his strong leadership, commitment and measurable action taken to reduce the impact of the province’s regulatory system on small business. Since 2011, the Minister has championed red tape reduction initiatives, leading to the recently passed Burden Reduction Reporting Act; as recommended by CFIB.” (Source: CFIB)