Patrick Brown on CP24 - December 9

Patrick Brown getting it wrong on CP24

  • When Patrick Brown was on CP24, he once again misled the public about basic and indisputable facts.

    While he continues to just make things up, we believe that facts still matter in Ontario.

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    U.S. numbers show that Brown's claims don't add up

    Patrick Brown said: “Kathleen Wynne has become the best Minister of Economic Development that Pennsylvania has ever seen”

    Fact: Ontario is not only beating Pennsylvania in electricity prices we’re also beating them in job creation. Since 2009, Ontario has seen employment growth of 9.4%, while Pennsylvania has only seen employment growth of 6.6%.

    (Source: Statistics Canada, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics and Ontario Ministry of Finance).

    Fact: This past year Ontario saw more Foreign Direct Investment ($4,062) than Ohio ($3,164), Michigan ($1,668) and Pennsylvania which didn’t even crack the top 20.

    (Source: FDI Intelligence).

  • Words have meanings, you know

    Patrick Brown said:We even pay to build a bridge upside down…And then, and then. We gave them another contract.”

    Fact: No bridge was built upside down. This company did not receive any additional contracts. The company that was building the bridge had their contract terminated for poor performance. Bruce McCuaig, CEO of Metrolinx clarified this days ago: “A beam associated with the support structure for the cladding was installed incorrectly. It was a support beam, not a truss, that was installed out of alignment . . . . This misalignment and the contractor’s refusal to fix the misalignment was one of the primary reasons for termination on the second contract. This, as well as the “careless welding,” is why they were fired for ‘poor performance.”

  • Shovels are in the ground, Mr. Brown

    Patrick Brown said: “And here’s the thing, my beef isn’t with John Tory. You know, Kathleen Wynne made him a promise on infrastructure that she’s not honouring. In 2014 she promised $130 billion over 10 years--it’s not happening.”

    Fact: This literally just happened. We’re providing $3.7B for GO RER, which will form the foundation for Smart Track.  


    Fact: We’ve invested billions of dollars to support the expansion of transit in Toronto, including the Eglinton Crosstown LRT ($5.3 billion), the Finch LRT ($1.2 billion), the Bloor-Danforth Subway extension ($1.48 billion in 2010$) and the Toronto-York-Spadina Subway extension ($870 million).

  • Greatly Misleading on the Great Lake states

    Patrick Brown said:And so we made it our policy now that we give away [electricity] policy to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York”

    Fact: Fossil-fuel reliant U.S. states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York have higher electricity prices than Ontario. In 2015, Ontario’s average industrial electricity prices were 8.35 c/kwh in the South and 6.35 c/kwh in the North. These rates are lower than New York 8.72 c/kwh, Pennsylvania 9.59 c/kwh, Michigan 9.13 c/kwh, and the U.S. industrial average 8.71 c/kwh.

    (Source:, Ontario Ministry of Energy, IESO).

  • Don't bother me with stats

    Patrick Brown said:We’re losing jobs because of hydro prices”


    Fact: Ontario’s unemployment rate is at an 8 year low. Ontario created 18,900 new jobs last month, 104,500 new jobs year over year, 266,000 new jobs under Premier Kathleen Wynne and 659,000 new jobs since the recession.

    (Source: Statistics Canada)